Hifimediy T2 Mundorf

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The newest version of our first TK2050 amp! TK2050 is the name of the chipset made up of the tc2000 controller and the tp2050/sta505 output stage chip. T2 amp uses one tp2050/sta505 output stage chip for each channel in paralleled configuration. This amp can drive any speaker from 4-8 ohm. It is recommended for speakers in the 4 ohm range. For 8 ohm speakers, we recommend the T1 amp. 
New batch has Mundorf MCAP input caps.

Power input:
This board can take both AC and DC powersupply. DC range is 22V - 31V, AC range is 16V - 22V. We recommend using 24V -28V DC.Speaker hookup:
Ground on the two channels can not be connected together. It is ok to only connect 1 speaker and leave the other channel unconnected if desired.
The board can not be bridged to make 200W mono.
- 10000uf Nichicon KG cap
- 2*100W@4ohm
- 2*50W@8ohm
- Power input: DC 22V-31V or AC 16V-22V
- TC2000 controller and two sta505/tp2050 power stage chip.
- On/off relay, preventing "pop" sound in speakers during on/off
- Input impedance: 50K. (20K if you remove the vol.pot)
- Input sensitivity for full power: 1.5V RMS
- Onboard volume pot
- Dimensions: 128x81x38mm
- PCB thickness 2mm
- Comes fully assembled, as pictured.
- Quality MKP input 3.3uf input caps
- All caps and parts are well known brands
- Big fanless heatsink.
Part brands might change slightly between batches because of availbility.

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