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HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
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This Sabre Android Dac has a MicroUSB cable instead of a usb cable and works with some Android phones without any drivers or tweaks. 

Current tested confirmed models include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running newest software update
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega running Android 4.2.2
  • Samsung galaxy S3 with newest software
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2.2
  • LG Optimus G Pro 4.1.2+
  • Confirmed working with HTC One X, 4.2.2 (Software number 4.18.401.2
  • Possibly works with most Android phones running android 4.2.2
  • LG G2
  • Motorola Moto G
  • HP Slate 7 Extreme tablet running Kit Kat 4.4.2  (volume level change doesn't work)
  • ASUS Padfone S
  • Nexus 5 (5.0.1. and 5.1.1 both tested)
  • Asus MemoPad 7   -  K01A(ME70CX) volume buttons doesn't work
  • HTC ONE M7
  • Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) android 4.4.4
  • LG g4 (Android 5.1)

Not working:

  • Galaxy S4 Mini (doesn't support USB OTG)
  • LG Nexus 4 (doesn't support USB OTG)
  • Asus Memo 7' ME173X android 4.2 / ME176C k013 android 4.4
  • Samsung galaxy SII i9100 with Resurrection Remix 5.0.x and 4.4.4 (probably due to kernel)

Cyanogenmod doesn't always work, a customer got it working by switching to "Resurrection Remix" ROM (unknown kernel)

please let us know if you have tested it with other phones, and we'll update the list.

No settings needs to be changed on Samsung phones. Volume up/down keys controls volume in the same way as for the regular output.
The Android Dac is the same DAC as the "Tiny" model. It uses a PCM2706 USB receiver chip and the Sabre ES9023 dac chip.

Highlights about Sabre ES9023 dac chip:
- The sound go straight out of the DAC chip and into your headphones or amplifier. It is not needed that the sound signal go through a capacitor to remove a DC voltage, there is no DC voltage to remove! This omits the need of a coloring cap which adds costs and reduces sound quality.
- Jitter Eliminator! The ES9023 utilISed patented HyperstreamTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.
- 112db DNR
USB (receiver) PCM2706:
- Accepts up to 48kHz/16bit
Output levels:
Open 2.2Vrms
4.7Kohm 2.1Vrms
1.8Kohm 1.9Vrms
510ohm 1.5Vrms
330ohm 1.3Vrms
30ohm 1Vrms
Note: Normally amplifier inputs are from 10K to 100K ohm. Normal headphones are from 32 ohm to 300ohm.

Model:UAE Tiny Android


Hi, I am interested in this DAC but I am bit concerned if this DAC is going to drain out the battery of my Galaxy S3 too fast? 
Reply: It doesn't drain it very fast, but a little faster compared to using internal audio output should be expected. 

4 ( 4 / 5 )
Works on Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 very well, tested on Spotify operate for volume and equalizer. On the player the system operates but no equalizer just the volume. The sound quality a little better than the jack. I think the best idea would be to connect more amplifier.
4 ( 4 / 5 )
An almost perfect product in terms of hardware for anyone seeking Hifi on an Android device! Ther is one thing I changed and this could be easily included: For many pohnes if the plug would be one with a 90 degree angle corner between the socket and the cable it would be more convenient to keep the card pluged in when putting it into a pocket etc. Maybe one could include that in a future revision.
4 ( 4 / 5 )
I tried this with my IEMs, and they sounded muddy and lacking treble. For those, I recommend the 9018D. I think the problem is that the impedance on this is too high for IEMs. So it stayed in my closet unused for like a year, and out of curiosity I tried it with my HD800 -- now it was clear, the highs were there -- and the bass was POWERFUL. I'll be using this when I want to hear pounding bass with my HD800! Just make sure your headphone has a high enough impedance!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Works a treat with my Asus Zenfone 2. No issue with the volume level control, which works independantly from the jack output. Sound signal is cleaner and a bit more detailled than with the jack. Tested on Spotify HQ, with 3 headsets : Sennheiser PX-100 (great), Yamaha HPH-200 (greater!), and Asus intras which are not bad at all !
4 ( 4 / 5 )
The sound quality is excellent ! The battery drain is OK, It works great on my GALAXY S5. The only problem I'll point out: The cable is too short and too stiff. It puts too much strain on the USB port of the phone. After a few month, the connection between the phone and the USB DAC became too loose, and I have a lot of 'USB disconnected' message on my phone. Even the metal part at the end of the USB tip start to move inside the plastic jacket. So be careful with it and everything will be fine.

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