Hifimediy CS4398 DAC "direct out", TCXO oscillator

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We have had some issues with the DAX0 dac where the cs4398 chip has burned. We have been unable to confirm exactly what has been the cause when this has happened, but we believe it is related to static electricity. We have stopped selling the dac for a while while investigating, and we have come up with a ESD static electricity protection that we believe might help avoid the problem.


The diodes should be soldered close to the connectors (RCA). We have a few of the dxco left in stock. It is recommended to install the diodes, however these are not include these in the kit.

The dac discussed here: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/192353-hifimediy-direct-out-cs4398-dac.html

The DAC from Hifimediy is designed around the idea of putting all the effort on the digital and D/A conversion side.

It does not have a low-pass filter or buffer (opamp). The signal goes out of the CS4398 dac chip and only through a 2.2uf Mundorf MCAP cap (to remove the 2.5V DC from the cs4398) and then straight to the output.
No commercial dac's as we are aware are made like this, but it has become a popular mod amoung diyers to modifiy DACs to function in this way.
Only one part (the MCAP cap) is between the output signal and the DAC chip. It might even work , depending on your setup, to bypass this cap (but never if you have a volume pot after the dac, it would short DC to GND) Or you can experiement with other output stages: transformer output (instead of the cap) or a tube output stage a la Lampizator (look at www.lampizator.eu for lots of good reading and inspiration!) 
This dac can be more fragile at the output stage. If you accidentaly short the outputs the cs4398 chip could be damaged. Also loads less than 1Kohm should not be connected.
It should be powered by two sets of 9VAC or 12VDC. 1 x AC or DC can also be used with less optimal result.
The Cirrus Logic CS4398 is a highly regarded dac used in lots of dac's. Te7022 is a highend USB that accepts up to 92khz/24bit. No drivers needed for Windows, Mac and Linux.
SPDIF and COAX accepts inputs upt to 192khz/24bit, while USB accepts up to 92khz/24bit. CS8421 upsamples the signal to 192khz 24bit before passing it over to the CS4398 DAC chip.
The TE7022 USB has a bonus feature: It can accept COAX and SPDIF input and send it to your computer USB. (if you would have any use for this.)
TE7022 chip responds to change in system volume (volume keyboard buttons on MAC).
CS8421 upsampling. Can be disabled by unplugging the module and replace it with 4 jumpers (included)
USB, 2 x optical, COAX.
4 channels extended inputs: 1-2 S/PDIF, 3-4CMOS (CN5 on board)
DSD inputs (CN1 on main board)
To select "4 channels extened inputs": short "CN2" on controller board
To select DSD inputs: short JP2. The switch on controller board is used to select sample rate (not to select inputs), when DSD inputs is enabled.
JP1 is for power down.
PCB size: 100mm x 110mm. height around 25mm

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