USB HUB for iPad

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We have found a USB hub that works with our DAC's and doesn't require external power to power the dacs! The Apple "camera connection kit" requires a powered USB hub for the DAC to work. This USB hub works with the Sabre dac's, as well as the cs4398 direct out DAC (all based on TE7022). 

This is not an official Apple product, so the iPad might say "This accessory is not supported by iPad" however it still works.

- Tested with iPad 3 running iOS 6.0.1. iPhone not tested yet
- Volume control keys on iPad controls volume out of the DAC.
- Can be supplied external power from USB charger (cable included) if needed for hard drive etc. (not required for te7022 DAC's)
- 3 USB ports
- SD, MS DUO, M2, T-FLASH cards accepted

Will not charge iPad (even when external 5V is connected)

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