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HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Very good sound for price, even better after mod. After comparing with referent design shematic for DAC chip I have replaced output foil capacitors with SMD ceramics and great amount of detail was emerged, though on some recordings now it sounds too bright. Compared with Micromega Mydac (after mentioned modification) I can't hear any difference, which is strange since they use different DAC chips.
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Today I received my HIFIMEDIY SABRE U2 ASYNCHRONOUS USB DAC & HIFIMEDIY USB ISOLATOR,WOW this truly is a great DAC. I'm pleased I purchased the isolator with the DAC it is a must. It is like buying a new Amp,the sound quality is fantastic with full rich sound and clarity.All my music is in 24/48000Hz Flac and I can really appreciate the music now.It runs into a 100 watt RMS per channel amp driven into 12" woofers & 8" midrange & 6" dipole speakers.Mounted into 1/2" thick MDF enclosures I Made myself , so I am pretty happy with the performance of this DAC. I would recommend both products to anyone.I give it 5 STAR'S. Oh and the delivery to Australia was really fast.
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Thank you so much for this DAC is a big improvement to the sound of my laptops. It is sufficient as well as my Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm. Very fast delivery highly recommend it.
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit
very nicce. small, comfortable, inexpensive and so on. however, I connect Samsung Galaxy S3 (latest 4.4.4, kernel 3.0.31) with otg cable. And I can't any sound. Mouse? Work. Keyboard? Work. Only dac don't work. I found dac (Using TE7022) that don't work Galaxy S3. at least 3 dacs. If use cell phone, rarely may didn't work.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
excellent DAC, working steadily on the Lenovo p780 with usb audio player pro. High-quality sound.
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit
Excellent product. Sound is really good, very good pair with my Sennheiser IE8. Sound quality is uncomparable to sound from integrated audio in my laptop. Really excellent product for its value. Shipping and delivery was also fast.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny USB DAC
Wonderful little device. Use this mostly with a Google Nexus 7 2012 model running CM. Sound from my tablet is now so much better with this little dac. Have also tested it with laptop running Win 7 and a Chromebook, no problems with either. Considering what I paid for this it's been one of my best bang for buck audio purchases.
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit
This is absolutely fantastic. I run this on a nexus 7, timur usb rom, usb hub with a 1tb hd and it is a flawless beauty over a sennheiser hd600 and my dynaudio bm6p speakers. Nora Jones is sweater than ever. You did a great job with this little beast, thank you so, much! (If you plan to use this on android you must choose the te7022 chip)
HiFimeDIY Sabre SPDIF DAC with headphone amplifier and 230V power supply
I've bought one last week. I have a squeezebox touch and I use it in standalone with a usb key (no edo). With a spdif connexion it a great improvement if I compare with the embedded cad. For the price it is an unbelievable result! In french : pour le prix et rien que pour essayer l'ess sabre c'est déjà une super opportunité et, dans mon cas, avec une squeezebox touch, c'est parfait, je réécoute toute ma collection de cd rippés... Il ne s'agit pas d'une petite nuance, comme on dit chez moi, il y a peut être mieux mais ce sera beaucoup plus chers!
HiFimeDIY UX1 Sabre USB DAC+SPDIF/USB converter
Just received the DAC and I am already impressed by the sound. It drives the iem (Narmoo S1 Dual Driver) to very high level at only 1/6 of full. Normally I need to burn-in/adjust to the sound of a new equipment but, with ux1, the improvement is immediate. One aspect is that bass is immediately improved compared to the internal Realtek sound card on a laptop using Foobar2000 and it detects the different sample rate automatically. On At least on Windows7, turning the volume knob adjusts the volume on the computer. It also works on Mac OSX that I briefly tested on a Mac Mini. Front face and back plate looks like black plexiglass and the knob turns with loud clicks, but the knob is sturdy. Quality wise, it's what you would expect for the price: nice and functional. It's also very nice to have 2 output, one for headphone and the other line level that I can connect to speakers.
01/09/2014Thierry YS
Hifimediy Sabre ES9023 DAC, I2S and left justified input, 192Khz/24bit
GGrte any pointers on the RPi with this? I am looking to add a DAC and this one looks like a winner.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
I have bought this Tiny Box and it just make exatly what I want. It kills the background noise who come from the laptop ground. Just look at this Video I've made. Thanks to hifimediy for the cheap price.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
suberb sounding dac, its 2 volt out drives the aux in really well , it works on perfectly on galaxy note 2 and the sony z2
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit
Update to my 5* review : This now also works on my new MotoG (Android 4.4.4) WITHOUT any software, but I do have to connect through a tiny (unpowered) USB hub. Plays 24/96 FLACs perfectly :)
Hifimediy Sabre ES9023 DAC, I2S and left justified input, 192Khz/24bit
Excellent board, I recommend it with Raspberry Pi it's perfect ! Even with B+ version, really better.
Input: 230VAC output: +-55V (dual voltage) DC (+-10%) Current: 500W  Dimensions: 100x100x44m..

High quality gold plated RCA plugs. One pair ..

High quality gold plated speaker connctor plugs. ..

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