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Hifimediy T4 Jantzen
I build a fully finished professionally amp based on this module and was extreemly impressed on performance and sound quality. I have built five class d amps and this one may be the best. The amp drove $60K Verity speakers to abolsute perfection. In fact it drove them so well the importers have asked me to make an amp for their store. They were stunned by the performance.
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Thank you guys for the confirmation and the very good device at reasonable price. It is easy to use and works well with foobar2000 software. I really appreciate it.
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
Outstanding for the overwhelmed by the quality available nowadays at this price. Obliterates the HRT Microstreamer which sells for more...
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Hello, I've received U2 Async DAC yesterday. Really great sound and I like it. I only notice a pop noise from the DAC to the speaker when i'm switching on my computer. Mine doesn't have green or blue jack connector but something between brown and black color. So I'm wondering if it is an authentic Hifimediy U2. It's led color is red. Picture in the following link ----hifime reply:yes it is authentic. We use another connector on last batch, it has LED light built into the connector so provides better optical performance.
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
The improvement over my motherboard's sound was phenomenal. Music became very lively and fun, while my video games came to life. I did not expect the improvement to be so apparent because I bought this DAC while still being skeptical of their claimed improvements in sound. Worth every penny!
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
An excellent dac, I have purchased it as an upgrade to es9023 sabre I had before, and the difference is tremendous, especially in the music scene and separation of instruments, much Microdetail. I use a takstar PRO80 through the headphone output and has enough power to drive a very decent volume. Highly recommended.
Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
the amp is ok but i don't need remote jumpers are the better way
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
Very good sound, no complaints there. True high resolution and absolutely amazing. The only problem is that its hard to adjust the volume precise to your liking. It goes up and down too fast. Also my unit volume up does not work consistently, will have to press a few time before it starts working. If there is a firmware update which can fix the volume up and down sensitivity, it would be amazing. I am hopeful -:)
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
Very well rounded dac with even balance across all frequency and while it doesn't have the widest soundstage, which actually may be good for some songs, it has precise positioning and imaging thanks to its separation capability. With its small size (quite small unlike one might think looking at the picture), it's a great transportable DAC for notebook users. In theory you should also be able to use with smartphones if you get it usb splitter and power bank but I haven't tried it yet. All in all, very good DAC for the price!
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
Очень музыкальный и стоит своих денег. Рекомендую. Asio звучит хуже асинхронного режима. Драйверы не нужны на WinXP. Спасибо создателям этого маленького по размеру, но не по звуку, DAC! Рекомендую. Very musical and very good value for money. Recommend. Asio sounds worse asynchronous mode. No drivers are required for WinXP. Thanks to the creators of this small in size but not in sound, DAC! Recommend.
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
This is a great sounding DAC with a nice design and proper digital volume control. For more info check my review at Head-Fi!
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
The sound quality is excellent ! The battery drain is OK, It works great on my GALAXY S5. The only problem I'll point out: The cable is too short and too stiff. It puts too much strain on the USB port of the phone. After a few month, the connection between the phone and the USB DAC became too loose, and I have a lot of 'USB disconnected' message on my phone. Even the metal part at the end of the USB tip start to move inside the plastic jacket. So be careful with it and everything will be fine.
Hifimediy T4 Jantzen
I rarely write review; this time I felt obliged to. I wanted to buy Arcam FMJ A19 (What Hifi best amp, 2014 up to £800). Seller brought it over for comparing. I must say I am struggled to find a difference although I was hoping to have a proper Amp. finally! I politely declined to purchase, I am keeping mine definitely. I changed my caps to Jentsen superior Z caps and listening with Dali Zensor. All I could say impressive especially for the price.
20/03/2015Bulent Ozar
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit
Simply amazing dac for the price. Very musical and detailed. Easily beats my Xonar DGX and my thousand bucks Onkyo in sound quality. As of now, this thing is feeding the processor in my car install with (Rooted/modded) Nexus 7 mounted in dash. Works without a hitch. These quys are doing amazing job with their products. 5/5. I'm ordering another one.
17/03/2015Pete H.
Hifimediy T1-M TK2050 9 - 24V
Amazing value for the money! It sounds insanely good for the price. It easily beats my modded TA-2020 amp and driving my little Magnat speakers, it's quite on par with my main amp, which costs about thousand bucks more. The screw terminals for the wires are nice, so unless you want, there's really minimal soldering needed, save for the grounding wire and the power led you might want to mount to your case. Yes, there is an actual green power led besides the mentioned orange standby led. (I didn't realize this from the product description.) The only thing i feel missing are relays for the speakers to prevent that little pop when powered on, thou the tiny high pitched pop sounds quite harmless really. If you are looking for a small, inexpensive amp, this is really a no-brainer. Hell, i'll even urge you to get one just to be amazed what can be accomplished for thirty bucks nowadays.
17/03/2015Pete H.
High quality gold plated RCA plugs. One pair ..

High quality gold plated speaker connctor plugs. ..

The T1 amp deploys the sta510a as output chip in full bridged, non-paralled configuration.This amp i..

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