HiFimeDIY T1 Headphone Edition

HiFimeDIY T1 Headphone Edition
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With ALPS pot and high end Mundorf ZN cap! (pictures doesn't show the ZN cap). 

We made this for headphones! lower gain (12) and sta508. Its intended for hard to drive headphones like the Hifiman he5, he6 and similar. As it is not possible to combined the negative outputs, the headphones needs to have 4 seperate wires!

The board can only take DC powersupply. Accepted DC range is 22V - 32V. We recommend the Connexelectronic 28V to power it. 
- gain of 12
- Power input: DC 22V-32V (only DC!)
- TC2000 controller and one sta508 power stage chip.
- On/off relay, preventing "pop" sound in speakers during on/off
- Input impedance: 50K
- Input sensitivity for full power: 1.5V rms
- Dimensions: 128x81x38mm
- PCB thickness 2mm
- Comes fully assembled, as pictured.
- All caps and parts are well known brands
- Big fanless heatsink.
Part brands might change slightly between batches because of availbility.
4 ( 4 / 5 )
the headphone amp is very nice

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With ALPS pot and high end Mundorf ZN cap! (pictures doesn't show the ZN cap).  We made ..
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