Hifimediy T1X4, TK2050 4 channel STA508

Hifimediy T1X4, TK2050 4 channel STA508
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This amp features 4 channels using the two tc2000 and two sta508 (2 x TK2050 chipset). It is similar to the T1 amp and deploys the sta508 as output chip in full bridged, non-paralled configuration which produces80W@8ohm and 40W@4ohm. Several boards can easily be connected together to create 8, 12, 16 etc channels.
This amp, unlike the T1, does not have any speaker protection, however, we didn't experience any on/off noises.

The board can only take DC powersupply, no AC. Accepted DC range is 20V - 32V. The smps300r 28V should be able to drive all four channels, but not at 80W constant output, as the smps300r can do 400W peak output and 300W constant. Four channel outputting 80W will draw 400W at estimated 80% effeciency.
Speaker hookup:
Ground on the two channels can not be connected together. It is ok to leave one or more channels unconnected
- 4*80W@8ohm or  4*40W@4ohm
- Power input: DC 20V-32V (only DC!)
- 2 x TC2000 controllers and 2 x sta508 power stage chips.
- Input impedance: 20K
- Input sensitivity for full power: 1.5V rms
- Gain: 15
- Dimensions: 140x120x35mm
- PCB thickness 2mm
- Comes fully assembled, as pictured.
Part brands might change slightly between batches because of availbility.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
A very good amp indeed! Compared to another manufacturers' 4 Channel TK2050 board (which i used before & liked a lot) this one is quiet a step ahead! Very good soundstage. Crisp, clear & unbribable. I'm also very satisfied with the resolution of details. I'm actually using it hooked to a meanwell 350 VA power supply and it fits just fine. Empirically on connex supplies amps are a bit more "sinewy" driven tho', but this combo already is performing with a lot of spirit. I could imagine some clarity caps px or esa at input section replacing the (already good) spirit mkp's would probably increase the sonics towards some more liquescent experience, but that's only my two cents ... anyways, the delivered configuration plays very neutral in best figurative sense! Cheers & thanks!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This board works perfect in my home cinema. I use two, to bi-amp the front and center speakers, rears are single amped. It just sounds awesome, and stays very cool.

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