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Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I just received this item. Unfortunately for me, it does not even give power to my RME Babyface (original). Guess I am forever stuck with USB noise in my recordings until I get a new interface.
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
Didn't work at all. Does nothing to stop the noise.
07/10/2019Rustin Jarrell
Using this amp with the supplied 48v power supply to drive floor standing speakers in a medium sized room. I'm using the optical connection with a Cambridge Audio CD Transport to supply the UDP320. I haven't tried the USB connection. This amp will deliver music at high volumes and will easy fill my listening room. It handles all types of music in my system, even large scale classical. I several amps, all pre /powers including class A ( at many times the UDP's asking price ). I don't feel short changed when I use it and I am saving money on electric and my wife likes the lack of cabling all over the room. For the price this amp is a steal!
27/09/2019Michael Booth
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Very crisp sound from PC, I like it. But not recognizied from iOS 12.4.1 iPhone X(I tested hifime Micro B to lighting and Apple Camera USB adapter). HIFIME reply: We just found that the 12.4.1 iOS update broke compatibility with the lightning cable. We will update it to work with 12.4.1. You can contact us to exchange the one you have.
I hate to say it, but I was disappointed by this little amp. To my ears the sound is muddy, smeared out, lacking in clarity and detail... typical of what you'd expect from a cheap digital ampfilier. I don't know if it's a fair comparison but I A/B'd it with an old Pioneer receiver (SX-838), and the Pioneer won hands down. At least it's small, inexpensive and would make an OK backup if your real amp breaks. Hifime reply: what voltage power supply did you use? It might require 48V to perform at its best. 2 REVIEWS MERGED: Forgot to say I'm using it with the 48v Meanwell desktop power supply recommended by HiFime, and feeding it with the toslink output from my CD player. See also this thread:
HiFimeDIY UAE23 USB DAC (ESS Sabre ES9023+Savitech SA9023)
I must say that I am impressed. It definitely sounds better than Xonar DGX. Much better soundstage. Cannot get any better for this price.
HiFime UAE23HD USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
I don't know why you all giving 5 stars? I mean... the sound is really good but this DAC producing popping noises when music is not playing. When I browse internet it pops, when I explore system folders it popps and i have only 82dB efficient speakers and 20dB gain amp. DAC pops even with my low efficient headphones. They bragging that this DAC can handle 116dB headphones... whaaat? I think these headphones would explode! Oh and there is absolutely no warranty for this crap. I spoke with them for 5 days and they told me that i should set system volume for 100%... Nice solution, wonder how it's working with 116dB headphones? Is that a chinese sense of humor? HIFIME REPLY: There must have been a misunderstanding regarding the volume level for 116dB headphones. Also we always accept returns if it doesn't work as intended in your setup, and there is a 1 year warranty.
MicroUSB to Lightning Cable (for iPhone/iPad)
Great little lead with the required apple chipset. Perfect small size .. no tangles. Much cheaper then anything around, apple stopped making lightning to microusb so this is a no brainer, highly recommended. Very fast delivery in the uk from their uk warehouse !!
15/08/2019joti sidhu
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
A very good DAC .. great quality and soundstage .. highly recommended !
13/08/2019joti sidhu
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Upgrading from the 9018 this has more power and cleaner detail retrieval. One of the most underrated audio products i've ever found.
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
i was having horrible cpu noises like the other reviewer! and this fixed it!!!!! i was going insane!!!!! this is the best!!!!! just plugged it in no fucking around it just works!!!! im sooo happy
I have used this amp more than a week. It is powered by MEANWELL LRS-350-48 without any problem. The amp is mildly warm but never get overheated. Both the usb and toslink input works fine. Since my speaker is not a grand one, the sound and the dynamics is good and enough. The sound is clear but not sharp. I like this one better than the previous UDP80. Not only because of the better power but the use of banana plug is much easier than the UDP80. So far I am very satisfied with this amp. I would like to use it to drive a bigger speaker to see how it goes when I have time.
24/06/2019Raymond Au
Waow...from first note, replacing a 3k kit, three boxes and a lot of cables.... Bravo!
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
This is superior to the old 9018. Wow! Throw away your old and buy this one. Deeper cleaner base, extended highs, better soundstage with the slight harshness of the 9018 gone. I totally agree with the previous review. I must admit that i did not notice an increase in volume. I would need to A/B with old to notice if it is indeed louder. ----merged reviews---- To Mr.Azza Please return your device because it is obviously defective. I myself have had a harsh 9018 and had to return it for a replacement. Both the review by Simon and myself noticed a significant difference in sound quality in every aspect. The device also has 20% greater volume than the 9018. My son just bought it and also noticed the superior sound and increased volume vs. the 9018 immediately.
18/06/2019Paul Lieberman
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Not really impressed with this one. I owned the ES9018, sounding more warmer and vibrant. The S2 sounds a bit harsh and honestly prefer the onboard sound of my XPS 13 to this one..
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