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Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
just got my uda38pro had uda 18 so far during break i can say that shines with my akg 240 headphones very clear open and vocals are so good i must add u must use an extrnal power i use 1amp 12v. i enjoy hearing sacd and dsd hi res audio with foobar very very happy. value for money nice upgrade and will update when break in will be done bass still not as tight as i would have wanted but the uda 18 took some time too to open up dont hesitate thank u guyd keep on developing i will for sure be back to buy more
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
This is by far the least expensive 480Mbps isolator you can buy anywhere, so I picked up two of them. Internal build quality is satisfactory - the SMD components are hand soldered. If you will be toting it around then be sure to glue the cable strain relief to prevent rotation!
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I'm currently using this isolator on a Roland VT-3 (vocal processor) that previously had terrible usb noise in the output signal. After plugging it into this device, the audio is completely clean! If you are having problems with USB midi instruments and noise, then this is the device for you! This was running on a raspberry pi (linux) and through a powered usb hub. I'm probably gonna get another one so that i can run more of my gear on usb instead of midi din.
26/07/2018USB Midi noise is gone!
Hifimediy T1 no volume pot TK2050 STA510 MCAP
I like Tripath amps very much, and this one is a great sounding one. It runs a little hot at the rated voltage, so I have added a very slow and silent fan to solve the heat excess problem. Very nice amp, really.
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I acquired a Roland TR-09 earlier this year and was disappointed when I realized that I couldn't rely on recording from the unit, due to a whiny/buzzing sound coming from the main output. A USB Isolator is what was needed. The problem now was the TR-09 needing min. of 400mA to power up. All USB isolators on the market were only capable of providing 2-300mA of power, which wasn't enough. I then came across Hifime and their USB High Speed Isolator. Nick was very good and patient in replying to all my emails with questions on the unit and kept me up to date on the status of its release, since I had pre-ordered one. The unit arrived yesterday and IT WORKS! The whining buzz of the outputs of my TR-09 are gone and it hasn't affected operation of the unit either. It powers up and responds to midi CC messages over the USB, as if the isolator wasn't even there. If you have a bus powered audio device that is causing you grief due to ground loops, then this is the device for you.
24/07/2018A. Henderson
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
I own the ES9018 which I really like. Compared to the ES9018 the sound of the UDA38Pro DAC is so much clearer and a new dimension opens. Best choice for the money.
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
Very nice sound ! I used output supply of DC 12V 2A. From low to high sound area I could hear in reluctance. This UDA38PRO is very calm
09/07/2018Shigeyoshi Kadooka
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
This DAC is amazing, clear, transparent, natural, warm with details, with body and incredible 3D sound. The music literally jump in your face. A real eargasm. My system: Raspberry with Moode, usb cable with external low noise 5V, UDA38pro, Yamaha A-S500, Boston acustic A25. I use external 12 V power supply. Realy reccomended!!!
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
Received it today via GLS. I'm absolutely in love with it ! Plugged it into my laptop which has Windows 10, switched the input to USB and it worked out of the box, just as advertised. Maximum format supported by the control panel is 32-bit, 384khz. I tried it also on another PC with Windows 7. Here I had to install the driver which can be found in the Support menu to get the full format support. In comparison to my older DAC which has a dual AK4490 balanced output, this ES9038Pro feels superior and the difference is noticed already on first use. However, one missing feature for my taste is a Bass Boost functionality for which I use a Software Equalizer. For anyone using a PC, I would recommend APO Equalizer and Peace GUI. The AMP is powerful and extremely loud, so careful with the volumes :) The volume knob is smooth and nice to operate. The device only gets mildly warm and not hot at all, so this is great as well. Note: I use this DAC with my Sony MDR-Z1R headphones.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
Today i received my isolator and OMG this improved my sound so much it's beyond my expectations. For this price this little box of magic is worth it double. I'm using this product in combination with my Audioengine D1 DAC that i have hooked up to my LSR305's. No more PC noises no more ground loop buzzing. I can finally put my speakers volume up to 10 without hearing all of the annoying sounds i mentioned. I'm definitely picking up the high speed version when i'm upgrading my DAC in the future.
26/06/2018Marcus Starlancer
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
The DAC is outstanding in terms of sound. I consider it slightly better than the Sony DAP ZX300. It is not day and night differences, but audible if the UDA38Pro is fed with a good source. For that, I noticed that it should be fed with a 9-12V power source. I was using a battery pack that has 12v out, and I find that the soundstage deepens and widens as compared to a 5V LPS. I am still playing with various options, but it seems that the DAC is quite immune to jitter and a iPurifier2 did not drastically improve the sound quality. I also feel that the USB input is better than the optical. But I only have one player with optical out, so I cannot be sure. I would like to see coaxial on the DAC, but I can't complain for the price. Overall, I am enjoying this DAC immensely through a PS Audio LANRover like device to achieve galvanic isolation, and I feel that this is the most important enhancement (together with using a higher voltage power supply) if I were to rank.
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
Having owned the HIFIME TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023), I knew I would not be disappointed with Hifime's products. However, I do have to say the UDA38Pro really impressed me. Personally I prefer the sound signature of Sabre dacs, especially the 9018 ones. Being used to my RL Concero and W4S Dac-1, the UDA38Pro surprised me with how natural and transparent DSD tracks sounded through my DT880 250ohm. At this price point, buying it is a no brainer if you appreciate the performance of Sabre dacs. I currently run it through the iFi iDefender with iPower, and prefer my set ups with it (more power and better resolution I feel?).
23/06/2018Joel L.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
Works great! I had serious issues with GPU coil whine being transmitted through the USB DAC, it's all gone now.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
Very good product, solved problems with high pitched noise (ground loops..) on my Presonus USB interface. God service, fast delivery. Thank you
Much better sound quality from my Rasperry Pi. Now I can really enjoy the music quality on my Yamaha A-S501 amp.
25/05/2018A. Caesar
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