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Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
i was having horrible cpu noises like the other reviewer! and this fixed it!!!!! i was going insane!!!!! this is the best!!!!! just plugged it in no fucking around it just works!!!! im sooo happy
I have used this amp more than a week. It is powered by MEANWELL LRS-350-48 without any problem. The amp is mildly warm but never get overheated. Both the usb and toslink input works fine. Since my speaker is not a grand one, the sound and the dynamics is good and enough. The sound is clear but not sharp. I like this one better than the previous UDP80. Not only because of the better power but the use of banana plug is much easier than the UDP80. So far I am very satisfied with this amp. I would like to use it to drive a bigger speaker to see how it goes when I have time.
24/06/2019Raymond Au
Waow...from first note, replacing a 3k kit, three boxes and a lot of cables.... Bravo!
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
This is superior to the old 9018. Wow! Throw away your old and buy this one. Deeper cleaner base, extended highs, better soundstage with the slight harshness of the 9018 gone. I totally agree with the previous review. I must admit that i did not notice an increase in volume. I would need to A/B with old to notice if it is indeed louder. ----merged reviews---- To Mr.Azza Please return your device because it is obviously defective. I myself have had a harsh 9018 and had to return it for a replacement. Both the review by Simon and myself noticed a significant difference in sound quality in every aspect. The device also has 20% greater volume than the 9018. My son just bought it and also noticed the superior sound and increased volume vs. the 9018 immediately.
18/06/2019Paul Lieberman
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Not really impressed with this one. I owned the ES9018, sounding more warmer and vibrant. The S2 sounds a bit harsh and honestly prefer the onboard sound of my XPS 13 to this one..
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Moved up from the previous ES9018 based model and was expecting a slight improvement, but wow. It is a step change. A far wider 3D soundstage, and much more melodic - foot tapping in fact. Some slight harshness has reduced whilst detail level has improved, such that the texture of instruments and voices can be heard. A warmer, more neutral sound across the frequency range, more similar to my Chord than Arcam (DAC). Brings a real intimate experience that is probably equal to my old Lg V20.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
Works perfectly with the Pixel 3XL. Don't buy if you have a Nexus 6P, music stutters unless the phone is in airplane mode. Battery consumption is acceptable but not really low. You either charge the phone or listen to music, can't do both unfortunately.
HiFimeDIY SPDIF DAC with headphone amplifier and 110V power supply
Acheté depuis plus d'1 an, ce DAC se révèle absolument remarquable. Très belle scène sonore, respect des timbres, beaucoup de dynamique et de transparence. Très bon rapport qualité/prix. A relier de préférence à une électronique au timbres chauds sans agressivité (utilisé avec électronique Sphinx, panneaux Magnepan 2.7, câbles Cardas).
01/05/2019sylvain duthois
Hifimediy T3 mono TK2050 amp, Jantzen caps
Working perfectly here.. on two 15", powered with serial mounted car batteries around 37v... strong bass in the house. The bass looks cold at the first listenings, but after a while I understood it's just more accurate than previous amps...
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I was able to hear all the noises in my studio monitors coming from my GPU/CPU. It was a terrible crackling even when i moved my mouse, not to mention how bad it was when producing music. Works 100% with a Focusrite 2i4. All the ground loop issues and whatever happens in my PC are gone. Finally clean signal.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
Great sound however the connector cable is very weak. I've bought 2 of these which were both broken after a few months. Needs a better cable or allow user supplied cable.
15/04/2019David Mitchard
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
Unfortunately, it does not support DSD512. If a new model is released, please support it. I am using SU-8 of S.M.S.L.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
Love the sound and form factor of this DAC! Unfortunately I've had problems with the USB-C plug on my first unit out of the box. The connector was lose and would easily dissconnect with the smallest movement. The replacement unit I quickly received (great service even over here in Europe from hifimediy!) has the same problems after a few months. I wouldn't recommend it for mobile use. I ended up using mine only at home on my phone where it still get's moved around more than on a laptop. Apparently that is already too much for the built quality of the connector. As I said, otherwise great unit which really makes me want to try the bigger DACs from hifime, like the UDA38Pro.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
Works as promised. Connected to an USB hub which sends MIDI to hardware synths. Zero problems.
23/02/2019Santeri S.
Because someone wrotes that the headphoneamp is weak with Beyerdynamic 770 80ohm . I have the same haedphone and have more headroom than I can ever use.
High quality gold plated RCA plugs. One pair ..

High quality gold plated speaker connctor plugs. ..

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