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HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
I received the isolator today. Without isolator I hear white noise and a glitch every second from my amplifier when the volume is more than 25 % open. Now with USB isolator my amplifier is dead silent even with volume 75 % open. It is transparent and works out of the box up to 24 bit 96 kHz without any specific drivers. I use it between my Sony Vaio laptop and my Musical Fidelity V90 DAC. My OS is Linux Mint Xfce 17.2 with Audacious as my audio player. As my laptop's battery is dead I always use it with 220 V power adapter. Because of this I had a ground loop between my laptop and DAC. I am listening 24/96 flac files for 2 hours now and the isolator works like a charm :-) Thanks HifimeDIY! I also would love to test your new ESS Sabre DAC but I will wait for a version with stereo RCA output connectors...
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
First off, the sound quality of this DAC is pretty good. Music sounds a little more clear than the Sabre Asynchronous USB DAC, which was my previous DAC. (This could be a little biased, however. Also the fact that volume can be controlled on the DAC means the source signal is better, which could also contribute to the improvement in sound quality). However, there are some issues. 1) Grounding. When I use earphones, there is some white noise in the background when nothing is playing. I'm thinking it's a grounding issue with the DAC. I never had this problem with the Sabre Asynchonous USB DAC. 2) Playback issues. Occasionally I hear buzzing or abrupt shifts in the music. This is probably more of a driver issue. However, I did download the latest driver from this website, the one that is compatible with windows 10. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase, but I just wish these issues could be resolved somehow.
HiFime UAE27 Asynchronous High resolution USB DAC (ES9018K2M)
This 9018 Sabre DAC has a refined sense of balance between flat and dynamic - incredible precision, it's analytic, even more so than the U2. Unlike the U2, this 9018 DAC needs an amp into high impedance phones to get all the detail. I use a hybrid valve amp it keeps the detail with the warmth and silky zest of valves. This DAC will reveal floors in recordings easily and recorded distortion will appear unveiled leaving you certain where the distortion originated. Quality sources will sound not just precise, but balanced across the frequency range, with vocals sounding vivid and textured. The volume control is a annoying, so few steps, another reason this DAC is really well suited to being amped. It might be ok to go direct with lower impedance headphones, it has ample volume in any configuration, but this DAC deserves an amp and quality phones. It's simple, just trying to not interfere with the base output of the fantastic Sabre design, it doesn't need to try too hard.
16/09/2015Corley Kinnane
Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
the amp is good @ franky I agree with your opinion "dip switches with more possible settings are more comfortable than the constant reprogramming via the remote control when you have isolated the module from power" at least the coarse acquisition frequency via DIP switches and the fine adjustment by remote control
HiFimeDIY Android DAC
Works a treat with my Asus Zenfone 2. No issue with the volume level control, which works independantly from the jack output. Sound signal is cleaner and a bit more detailled than with the jack. Tested on Spotify HQ, with 3 headsets : Sennheiser PX-100 (great), Yamaha HPH-200 (greater!), and Asus intras which are not bad at all !
Hifimediy T2
the soundis very god bigger capacitor is a fine upgrade
HiFimeDIY T1 Headphone Edition
the headphone amp is very nice
Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
This module is great for the price but dip switches with more possible settings are more comfortable than the constant reprogramming via the remote control when you have isolated the module from power Another plus is the free choice of the acquisition frequency up to 300 Hz therefore can be seen from 2-way speakers with 2 subwoofers boxes 3 way and play with the crossover frequency as long as it fits to
Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
the amp is great but it is unfavorable that the amp forgets settings without energy, e bigger dip switch with more settings is the better opportunitie in my opinion
Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
This is a great little amp. Sounds fantastic. Big improvement over version 2.1, with more authority in mid-low range especially. Just one weird thing - you can switch from 2.1 to 2.0 mode on hardware but it requires a remote (not included) to put the internal crossover into passthrough mode. Minor issue if you have a remote, but something to be aware of.
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
I am amazed with the performance of this little DAC! I am running this with the Odroid XU4 from hardkernel and streaming audio with mpg321. More here; The volume control really gives the audio to my monitor speakers a nice boost across the frequency range... Keep up the great work hifymediy! I will recommend your products! Cheers Neil
HiFime 9018D USB DAC
Received my HiFiME 9018D USB DAC in early August 2015. UK delivery took 6 days from China. OnePlus One phone or Nexus 7 2012 Wifi tablet (running CyanogenMod 12 & 12.1) > OTG Cable > HiFiMe 9018D DAC > 3.5mm (headphone skt on DAC) to RCA cable (into Musical Fidelity Integrated Amp) > B&W P4 Speakers. 9018D shows sampling rate at 192kHz. Src 1: HiDef Radio, ( Respect to RadioSurvivor, Linn, all other radio stations. Src 2: HiDef Music files ( Respect to 2L The Nordic Sounds for these test files. The 9018D handles formats, DXD, DSD, FLAC & Playlists (.pls, .m3u) etc. The sound quality this little DAC outputs will take you breath away. Sound stage and depth have a real-life presence. For approx £80 & £15 for shipping you cannot believe the musical bliss you will get. Buy one asap !!!
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
I have received the UH1 dac a few days ago, and it works great. I am happy with the purchase, and with the exceptional customer service. I had many questions and i got all the answers very quick(Thanks Cindy and Nick)! The DAC's sound is clean and detailed (used with a pair of small studio monitor speakers) The headphone amp(HP/OPT out)can easily drive my Senheiser HD650 and my AKG 701Q, and the sound is very good. Of course the sound is even better if the dac(line out) is connected to a 110-220 powered stand alone quality headphoneamp. Considering that the UH1 is a small USB powered portable dac/amp it is just fantastic as it is.
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
Очередной замечательный продукт от команды HiFimeDIY, звучит действительно отлично, на мой взгляд местами даже переигрывает более дорогой Gustard dac-X10 владельцем которого я так же являюсь. Звучание UH1 очень ясное, детальное, с широкой сценой, с красивым правильным басом, при этом нет никакой резкости которой частенько грешат современные DAC. В целом звучание UH1 очень похоже на "Hifimediy Sabre COAX_OPTICAL DAC. ES9023 + CS8416 230V" который к сожалению больше не выпускается. Но есть и минус, из описания UH1 не понятно что DSD выводится только через цифровой выход "HDMI", через аналоговые выходы мы получаем только декодированный PCM поток(384KHz), учтите это до покупки! P.S. Пользуясь случаем хочу поблагодарить команду HiFimeDIY за высокое качество продукции, за отличное звучание за эти деньги. Спасибо!
HiFimeDIY U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
I've just received mine today and tested it in different computers, headphones and amplifiers with several channel-test files and definitively the output stereo channels are inverted. Right sounds left and vice-versa. Is this a defective unit? Hifimediy reply: This seems impossible, please check your cables, headphones and computer settings (try another computer). UPDATE: SALVADOR CONFIRMED THIS WAS A LINUX SETTING ISSUE.
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