Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our FAQ that might answer some of your questions.

How long will delivery take?

We have both local and international shipping options available, have a look at the shipping page.

Will the USB isolator remove the noise I'm experiencing?

USB noise can have many causes and our isolators can resolve many of the problems. You can send us a message describing your problem in details and we will try to evaluate what’s likely causing the problem.

Also you can have a look at this article that explains more about USB isolators. 

What can I do if the product doesn't work with my other equipment?

You can return a product for a refund if didn’t work as intended in your setup. Use the contact form to contact us and include your order number.

Do you have a distributor in the EU?

Yes, we have a warehouse in the EU. You can order from and have it delivered quickly from within the EU. Look at the shipping methods during checkout, or read more here.

How can I get a VAT invoice?

We can give you an invoice for any order. For shipments from Germany warehouse we can give a VAT invoice with our German VAT number. For other EU shipping we can not give a VAT invoice, as it’s shipped DDP, the VAT is paid by our agent is not recoverable. 

How can I order as business customer with a VAT number?

If you chose DHL or any shipping method from China or USA then we will not charge VAT. If you like to have it shipped from our Germany warehouse without paying VAT then please contact us quoting your VAT number, and we will send you an invoice without VAT. 

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