Hifimediy Sabre DAC, U2 and Tiny user manual


Thanks for buying the Sabre DAC from Hifime(DIY)!

This picture shows the UAE23 Sabre DAC.

The Sabre DAC has the following specs:

  • Audiophile ESS Sabre ES9023 DAC chip, Tenor 7022L or Savitech SA9023 USB receiver
  • Accepts 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, (88.2kHz only Savitech version) and 96kHz
  • No drivers required
  • USB powered (doesn’t require any external power supply)
  • Works with most headphones and line level inputs (preamps and amps)
  • Works in USB Adaptive mode (click here (link) for an explanation)
  • Volume Level is controlled by the normal volume up/down keys on your computer
  • USB to optical converter additional feature
  • No DC blocking caps on output (meaning the sound go directly from the DAC chip to your headphones, no parts in between)
  • 112db DNR
  • Output signal from 2.2Vrms down to 1V depending on load impedance
  • Ultra low noise regulator LT1763


This DAC is very easy and fast to start using. Simply connect it to an available USB, select the DAC as the output device and start playing!

See the guide for selecting the device as the output.

Windows ASIO driver (optional)

See this guide for installing Windows drivers.

Note: You don’t have to install ASIO drivers in Windows,

Note: You can only output sound from one program at a time when using ASIO.

Additional feature: Optical output 

This DAC does also output a optical SPDIF signal through the same 3.5mm output connector that are used for headphones. You can not use the SPDIF output on the same time as using headphones. The SPDIF signal comes directly fromt the USB receiver chip, the DAC chip is not used when outputting a digital SPDIF signal.

General considerations and warnings

There is a couple of things you should be aware of when using the DAC.

1. Always disconnect headphones or turn off your amplifier before plugging/unplugging the DAC. This is because there might be a loud pop when connecting/disconnecting the DAC.

2. Check volume level before start playing when using headphones, as the level might be too loud. The computer will generally remember the volume last used when you connect it to the same USB port.

For troubleshooting or support please visit this link:

Hope you’ll enjoy the DAC! And please consider spreading the word and write a review.