SMPS800RE +-72V 230V Power supply

SMPS800RE +-72V 230V Power supply
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Input: 230VAC
output: dual voltage +-72V DC (Minimum: ±68.8V Maximum: ±74.8V)
Current: 800W 
Dimensions: 100x150x55mm

Enhanced version of the previous SMPS800R with dual independent and isolated auxiliary regulated voltages, which can take any of the following values: 5V, 12V or 15V both the same values or different values, and can be tied either to Power GND or on the negative output usually used for class D amplifiers as Drive Stage supply voltage. For example for TA3020v3k Class T audio amplifier, one of the aux. outputs can be configured for 12V with negative output connected to V- to supply the bias votlage for power stage and the other one can be configured for 5V to supply the input stage of the amplifier. Another usage is as a four rail supply for high performance class AB amplifiers where the driver stage requires a 5-15V higher voltage than the power stage at a significantly lower current, to be able to optimally drive the power transistors for best performances. 
It uses half Bridge resonant topology, capable of delivering 800W continuous and 1000W peak power for audio applications, with crest factor of at least 3. Stock available output voltages are +-40V, +-50V, +-60V and +-72V. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with a similar regulated SMPS and better efficiency, up to 95% compared with the regulated SMPS's due to the fact that the transistors are soft-switched, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS features overcurrent protection which limit the output current at about 120% of the peak power, about 1050W. The mains supply voltage can be set for either 110V or 230V. This power supply is suitable for both class AB and class D/T amplifiers, which have the PSRR greater or at least 54dB. Target applications for this power supply unit include the TA3020 based amplifiers and IRS2092 amplifiers for the +-50V +-60V and +-72V version and multiple TDA8950 or TDA8954 amplifiers for the +-40V version. 
For operation inside a tight case, an optional variable speed cooling fan is available, which should be used when the Power Supply delivers high power for long periods of time. The overall size of the Power Supply is 150mm long, 100mm wide and 38mm tall, which makes it suitable to be used in 1 RU cases, with an overall height of maximum 42mm including spacers.
The average efficiency from 10% load to 100% is over 90% with the peak efficiency of 95.2% for custom made +-80V output voltage and 230V mains voltage version at 50% load. This means that for 400W delivered to the load, less than 20W are wasted as heat, which makes this power supply compatible with most demanding efficiency requirements. 
The Power Supply has on-board Mains IEC Power Connector, which allows easier installation without using other mains cables than the ones for the mains switch. 
Note: Due to the large number of requests from customers, we provide the IEC mains connector, installed on the board but NOT soldered, as many of them would chose either to keep it on the board or install on the enclosure wall.
We can not do any custom versions, as we have the smps ready made in stock.
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Input: 230VAC output: dual voltage +-72V DC (Minimum: ±68.8V Maximum: ±74.8V) Current: 800W  ..

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