Download the newest driver from the drivers download page, open the zip and run the Setup. 

After reboot you’ll have a new application installed, the BRAVO-HD control panel.

Here you can set the Buffer size. A too low buffer size might cause pops and noises during playback.

Note: It will say Device “Not Available” even when the DAC is connected, it will only say the DAC name when music is playing. 

The sample and bit rate is selected by the source file, and not in the ASIO control center.

After you have installed the drivers you can either use the Windows output, or the ASIO output. 

The ASIO output as some limitations:

  • It only supports one program at a time
  • The ASIO output is not supported by all programs (like Chrome etc)

The Windows output has other limitations:

  • It can max output 192kHz sample rates

DSD playback

To configure DSD output look at the DSD guide from Savitech, available here.