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We make Audiphile products using good quality parts without adding expensive and unnecessary "snake-oil". We sell directly to make it possible to have our low prices. This is our redesigned website. Please contact us if any questions or problems with the new website. 


Volume Knob
Black volume knob. Fits ALPS blue, CTR and similar potmeters. It will fit the T1, T2 amps we ..
3.5mm plug
One piece 3.5mm (headphone jack) plug. ..
2 x RCA connectors
24K Gold plated RCA connectors. one pair ..
2 pcs Speaker connector plug spade / plate style
Copper with gold plating. This is 1 pair / two pieces. Buy 2 to get 4 pieces (needed for ster..
SMPS500R 28V 110V Power supply
Input: 110VAC output: single 28V DC (+-10%) Current: 500W  Dimensions: 110x100x40mm ..
SMPS500R +-72V (dual voltage) 110V Power Supply
Input: 110VAC output: +-72V (dual voltage) DC (+-10%) Current: 500W  Dimensions: 100x1..
3.5mm to 6.35mm headphone jack adaptor
Gold plated copper 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor.  Converts bigger 6.35mm headphone jack to th..
USB OTG MicroUSB Cable
USB OTG MicroUSB Cable for use with android phones ..


  • Redesigned Website ! Redesigned Website ! Apr 04, 2014

    We have updated the website design! Please have a look around and feel free to leave a comment. Contact us if any questions or if you should find any issues with the new website. Thanks ! :=)

  • New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC Jan 29, 2014

    We have made a new version version of the optical/coaxial input ES9023 DAC, this time in a case and with an added headphone amplifier. It has a trafo inside, so it runs on mains voltage directly.  The left knob switches between standby, optical and the two coaxial inputs, the right is a...


  • The TYCO Headphone Connector The TYCO Headphone Connector Oct 11, 2013

    The connection from the dac to your headphones or amplifier is of course of importance! We are using quality TYCO gold plated headphone connectors for the UAE23 and U2 Async. They have a green or blue outside, and gold plated connctors inside.

  • Asynchronous USB Audio / Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converters Asynchronous USB Audio / Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converters Sep 24, 2013

    USB transfer modes has received a lot of interest and attention recently and "Asynchronous DAC's" has been praised and hyped for it's superior performance. However there seems to be a lot of confusion around asynchronous USB Audio.  There is a good and explaining article at EDN network...

  • ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available Sep 22, 2013

    Savitech has released Windows ASIO drivers for the SA9023 USB receiver.  It can be downloaded here. ASIO drivers provides lower latency by bypassing the normal audio path in windows. However it is not required to use ASIO, the Savitech SA9023 devices also works with the native USB audio...

  • DAC's for Android phones/tablets and iPad/iPhone DAC's for Android phones/tablets and iPad/iPhone Jun 03, 2013

    Mobile phones can be great media players if it wasn't for the non-optimal sound quality from their regular headphone outputs. Through trial and error we have discovered that some of the USB chips works with Android and Apple devices. For the added convenience we made the "Android"...

  • THD Distortion measurement chart for T2 Amp (sta505 version) THD Distortion measurement chart for T2 Amp (sta505 version) Dec 23, 2012

    Here is a chart of THD readings for the T2, sta505 version.


HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96Khz/24bit
Our original Sabre dac with ES9023 dac chip, 7E7022 or SA9023 USB receiver and includes  USB..
Based on 25 reviews.
HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC
The Hifimediy Sabre U2 Asynchronous DAC was developed by DIY (do it yourself} enthusiasts in..
Based on 20 reviews.
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC 2 (external PSU)
New version of our SABRE DAC 2 (UAE23+). We have added a headphone amplifier ! Also option to add..
Based on 16 reviews.
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
The Hifimediy USB Isolator will isolate the power from the USB host (computer) and the connected ..
Based on 4 reviews.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
This Sabre Android Dac has a MicroUSB cable instead of a usb cable and works with some Android ph..
Based on 15 reviews.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny USB DAC
This digital to analog converter is even smaller than our original Sabre DAC and offers most of t..
Based on 4 reviews.
Hifimediy T1-M TK2050 9 - 24V
We made this lower powered Tk2050 to be in the same category as the TA2020 and TA2022 because we ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Hifimediy T2 Mundorf
The newest version of our first TK2050 amp! TK2050 is the name of the chipset made up of the tc20..

Latest reviews

HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
Works good with Inew I6000 but only with "USB audio player PRO"..
Hifimediy T3S mcap
I received the Hifimediy T3S mcap amp board & put it in an old broken Audiolab 8000p amp box. As a psu i used the SMPS500R 48V provided by Hifimediy. Very easy to assemble as it is straight forwar..
Vassilis K.
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC 2 (external PSU)
Very good DAC. A bit harsh at the beginning, it smoothed out after 10 hours. After 40 hours it opens and the soundstage is large. Excellent "full" sound (my previous DAC sounded dry) and de..
HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC 2 (external PSU)
I have been using UAE23+ (adaptive) with PSM3+ for about a month and a half with my brand new Indeed TA2021S, Monitor audio Bronze B2 and a raspberry pi. I have no experience from other DACS to compa..
Hifimediy ES9023 DAC, I2S and left justified input, 192Khz/24bit
Hi, Just wated to say I recieved my board but there is no online started .pdf manual or schematic online for this board. Main thing is would like to know how to connect to the board for example ? A..

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