SMPS300R 48V 230V power supply

SMPS300R 48V 230V power supply
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Input: 230VAC
output: 48V DC (+-10%)
Dimensions: 100x100x40mm

The connexelectronic smps is newest generation smps and benefits from a small form factor, low weight and a high efficiency (up to 93%). 
It can output 300W continous and 400W peak power, and can be adjusted +- 10% from its stock voltage. It also features a auxiliary power output which outputs around 10.5-13V, (proportional to main output voltage, 2/5 for 28V version (28V/5*2=11.2V) and 2/7 for 38V version(38/7*2=10.9) . The max. continuous current for the aux output should not exceed 500ma, and the total capacitance of the circuits connected to the aux output should not exceed 2200uF (otherwise the fuses might blow).
We can not do any custom versions, as we have the smps ready made in stock.
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Input: 230VAC output: 48V DC (+-10%) Dimensions: 100x100x40mm   The connexelectronic sm..

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