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Send and receive 5.1 DTS/AC3 signal via Optical SPDIF

The UT23 USB to optical converter and DACs with an optical out (UAE23, UAE23HD, UH1) can send 5.1 Dolby digital DTS and AC3 audio. It’s important to understand that 5.1 audio sent over optical is always sent as an encoded and compressed stereo track. This is not only the case for Hifime devices, it’s the [read more]

Record SPDIF optical audio with UR23/S2 Digi optical to USB converters

UR23 is an optical to USB converter (32kHz-96kHz) while the S2 Digi does both optical to USB and USB to optical (44.1kHz-192kHz). Both units shows up as audio devices in Mac, Windows and can be selected as the input/output device in audio programs. Here is a guide on how to record and/or play through optical [read more]

Solving noise and ground loop issues with USB isolation

UPDATE: Have a look at our new USB Isolation comparison article where we explain which isolator you need. Ground loops can be a problem when using USB audio devices. It generally happens when they are more than one ground path between two devices. This can result in hum, whining noises or artefacts. The ground shared [read more]

Asynchronous USB Audio / Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converters

USB transfer modes has received a lot of interest and attention recently and “Asynchronous DAC’s” has been praised and hyped for it’s superior performance. However there seems to be a lot of confusion around asynchronous USB Audio.  There is a good and explaining article at EDN network about USB Audio.  Here’s a short explanation: There are 4 [read more]

DAC’s for Android phones/tablets and iPad/iPhone

Mobile phones can be great media players if it wasn’t for the non-optimal sound quality from their regular headphone outputs. Through trial and error we have discovered that some of the USB chips works with Android and Apple devices. For the added convenience we made the “Android” dac, which is basically the “tiny” model with [read more]

Shipping options

    This page is outdated. Please see the new updated shipping page:       We ship worldwide from warehouses in China, UK and USA.   SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FROM CHINA:   We offer several shipping options from China. The available options and prices will appear on checkout. We normally ship with Hong Kong post [read more]