Monthly Archives: September 2013

Asynchronous USB Audio / Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converters

USB transfer modes has received a lot of interest and attention recently and “Asynchronous DAC’s” has been praised and hyped for it’s superior performance. However there seems to be a lot of confusion around asynchronous USB Audio.  There is a good and explaining article at EDN network about USB Audio.  Here’s a short explanation: There are 4 [read more]

ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available

Savitech has released Windows ASIO drivers for the SA9023 USB receiver.  It can be downloaded here. ASIO drivers provides lower latency by bypassing the normal audio path in windows. However it is not required to use ASIO, the Savitech SA9023 devices also works with the native USB audio drivers. Asio drivers is is only recommended [read more]

Now accepting Bitcoins!

We are now also accepting payment in Bitcoins ! This might make it easier for customers in some countries to buy from us. Payments are processed by   We are of course still accepting payment by cards and Paypal which will be easier for most people.   If you don’t know what bitcoins is, [read more]