ES9023 I2S DAC

We made this mini ES9023 board to be used with I2S (or left justified) inputs. It can be used with onboard or external masterclock, and it’s very simple to swtich between the two. There is space for oscillators. And we can include and install a 27Mhz oscillator.

We used quality DALE resistors and a ultra low noise LT18763 regulator. 

All this at a ultra low price !! 

Available now.

6 thoughts on “ES9023 I2S DAC

  1. Moridi says:

    Dear Hifimeaudio,
    I bought this DAC, could you please indicate the characteristics of the needed oscillator to make it work at 24bit/192KHz (voltage, size etc…).
    Said Moridi

  2. mathew says:

    Dear MR!

    What kind of i2S panel can be used for this item?
    Were any of them tested for this?
    I want to use it 24bit/192KHz, can you offer OSC to me to install?


  3. TH says:

    Hi, what will be required to connect an AES digital interface (Lynx AES16) to this DAC? I would also like to run it externally clocked. Thanks

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