ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available

Savitech has released Windows ASIO drivers for the SA9023 USB receiver.  It can be downloaded here.

ASIO drivers provides lower latency by bypassing the normal audio path in windows. However it is not required to use ASIO, the Savitech SA9023 devices also works with the native USB audio drivers. Asio drivers is is only recommended for  experienced users . It is  not required  to use ASIO!

Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) is a computer sound card driver protocol for digital audio  specified by Steinberg , providing a low- latency  and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computers  sound card . Whereas  Microsoft DirectSound  is commonly used as an intermediary signal path for non-professional users, ASIO allows  musicians  and  sound engineers  to access external hardware directly.

ASIO  bypasses the normal audio path from a user application through layers of intermediary Windows operating system software so that an application connects directly to the  sound card  hardware. Each layer that is bypassed means a reduction in latency (the delay between an application sending audio information and it being reproduced by the sound card, or input signals from the sound card being available to the application). In this way ASIO offers a relatively simple way of accessing multiple audio inputs and outputs independently. Its main strength lies in its method of bypassing the inherently high  latency  and poor-quality mixing and  sample rate conversion  of  Windows NT 5.x  audio mixing  kernels  ( KMixer ) [ citation needed ] , allowing direct, high speed communication with audio hardware. Unlike KMixer, an unmixed ASIO output is “bit identical” or “bit perfect”; that is, the bits sent to or received from the audio interface are identical to those of the original source, thus potentially providing higher audio fidelity. In addition, ASIO supports 24-bit samples, unlike Windows NT 5.x MME and DirectSound which truncate 24-bit samples to the upper 16 bits, whereas Windows NT 6.x mixer provides 32-bit floating point output. Higher bit-depth samples offer the potential for a higher signal-to-noise ratio.


6 thoughts on “ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available

  1. Max Vasilyev says:

    They promised to fix it in the near future

    Savitech is making an updated one correcting this, and we hope to have it in a few days. 2.03.2018

    ASIO Savitech драйвер для SA9023 действительно не работает под Windows, обещали скоро исправить в новой версии драйвера. Проблема в том, что драйвер не узнаёт незнакомый PID.

  2. Max Vasilyev says:

    UAE23HD v1.0 Windows 7 x64 SP1. ASIO driver not work.

    SaviAudioBravoSwPkgUI_ASIO_CPL_20140221_v2p3p0p1 -not work.
    SaviAudioBravoHDSwPkg_HsDriverASIOiAP_20150703_v2p0p0p5 -not work.
    TeraDak_SA9023_driver -not work.
    TeralinkX2 -not work.
    M-Track_1_0_6 -not work.

    HIFIME UAE23HD USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023) Optional Windows ASIO drivers available – this is not true!!!

  3. Christophe says:

    The new version, dated 2014/04/03, does not work with your Sabre U2 Asynch USB DAC and my PC. The package contains device drivers which do not fit the device and the ASIO driver does not work with Windows generic USB audio drivers. I think this package is not compatible with your DAC.

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