Introducing the UD80: 2 x 80W digital USB Amplifier

edit: check out the new UDP80:
We are excited to introduce the UD80 digital amplifier, the UD20’s bigger brother! UD80 is powerful with up to 2x80W @ 8 ohm, and while UD20’s bass is on the lighter side the UD80 has a deep powerful bass. It still has that ultra clear audiophile sound quality. We are really excited about this amplifier and we think that you guys will love it!

UD80 is built on the same technology as UD20; they are both digital PWM amplifiers with no A/D conversion, no preamp or any analog signal path anywhere before the output stage. This makes a very direct link between the digital source and the outputs going to the speakers, creating a very clear audiophile sound. 

It can run on a wide range of voltages from 10V to 36V. Power requirements and output will vary depending on load:

8 ohm loads: 36V 6.3A, 2 x 80W. Minimum distortion is achieved at 36V. The amp can also be powered from lower voltages with good result. Around 2x60W from 30V supply and 2x36W from 24V supply. We have been using it with The 0-32V adjustable power set at 32V.

4 ohm loads: 21V 7A, 2 x 50W.  Minimum distortion is achieved at 21V. 7A is required for 2 x 50W @ 4ohm. You can use any power supply from 21V to 36V with same results, but 21V 7A power supply will be cheaper than 36V 7A power supply.

USB is asynchronous and utilises the SA9023 chip from Savitech. It supports 96Khz and 24 bit without drivers on mac, windows, linux. it also works with iPad 3/4 with the USB hub.

It’s ready for shipping in a couple of days (however some power supply options are still not ready).

25 thoughts on “Introducing the UD80: 2 x 80W digital USB Amplifier

  1. Francois says:

    This UD80 amp looks like an awesome solution. Question is, since I am all new to this and I am trying to figure out what I need…:
    If I would get a Cubox-i would that send its audio signal only via the Optical out or also via USB – so that I can use this?

    If I am also correct then with this AMP one does not need a DAC?

    Thanks for the answers!


  2. DagW says:

    I would also like a similar product with s/pdif input! It would be perfect with miniDSP nanoDigi for complete digital system! Keep up the good work!

  3. HiFimeDIY Web says:

    Hi konstantin and Thierryj,
    Yes we agree this would be good feature, and we’ll se if we can make something like this. However it’s not easy to do this on the current UD80, it would have to be a different product design.

  4. Konstantin says:

    I2S input would be great. It means the possibility to get four units, connect them to multi-channel USB-to-I2S converter and have PS-Based active XO solution for your speakers.

  5. Thierryj says:

    I strongly support Mah !
    The need is S/PDIF and I2S INSTEAD of USB (not in addition).
    This would be an other product, less complicated and better quality !
    I know a lot of people who would be very interested.
    Could you do that in a reasonable delay ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Johannes L says:

      I’d like to have one with optical toslink input, to connect the amp to my Logitech Squeezebox Touch media player. USB Input is useless for me in this application.

  6. Corley says:

    I have the asynchronous USB DAC and love it – part of its beauty is the lack of jitter.

    How does this device compare with Sabre DACs in terms of jitter?

    Is it possible to improve upon the jitter removal in this design?

  7. M. R. says:

    I am very interesting in this device, but the question is, does it sound good?
    and also i’m a bit confused with the power, how is it possible that it produces 50W @ 4 Ohms and 80 Watts @ 8 Ohms? Shouldn’t it be reversed??

  8. F. Werner says:

    Hi ,

    Super cool les gars !

    Does the UD80 features an USB Isolator chip to isolate from USB host interferences ?

  9. HiFimeDIY Web says:

    Hi thanks for your comment and suggestions. We have made it like to to keep it simple. Adding spdif inputs would require additional chips and more complicated firmware. Latency will depend mostly on the computer side, you can use the Savitech ASIO drivers if you need lowest latency.

  10. Mah says:

    This is an awesome addition to your lineup. Will there be any latency/THD tests soon?

    And that single USB input is kind of a let-down. Do you think there is a way we make more out of this tiny device by tweaking the internal board and adding some extra inputs (SPDIF or possibly i2s)? Let’s say what if I want to connect my traditional CD player to the amp? It only has analog, spdif and with (some tweaking) i2s outputs…

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