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New SPDIF DAC available here: Hifime SPDIF OPTICAL 9018 The SPDIF DAC is build with with the..
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This digital to analog converter is even smaller than our original Sabre DAC and offers most of the ..
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This model is discountinued. Look at the 9018 model instead: https://hifimediy.com/Sabre-9018-D..
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Note: Power supply is required and not included! This Sabre DAC features an USB Isolator chi..
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HiFimeDIY UX1 USB DAC (Sabre ES9023) + USB to SPDIF and SPDIF to USB converter This is a ver..
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Hifime 9018D dac is similar to the smaller 9018 but has a higher max output sign..
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Hifime 9018i dac is a i2S dac with the ES9018k2M DAC chip used in IOUT mode with the ..
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The Hifime ADC i2S is an analog to digital converter made with the CS5381 ADC chip. It outputs a i2s..
This model is discontinued. The new version is here: https://hifimediy.com/Sabre-9018-DAC In..
Based on 8 reviews.
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