Hifimediy T1 ALPS vol pot TK2050 STA510 JANTZEN CAP

Hifimediy T1 ALPS vol pot TK2050 STA510 JANTZEN CAP
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The T1 amp deploys the sta510a as output chip in full bridged, non-paralled configuration.This amp is best used with speakers around 8ohm. It can driver 4ohm speakers, but output will be less, around 50W.

The new batch uses Jantzen input caps (the picture does not show the Jantzen caps).

The board can only take DC powersupply, no AC. Accepted DC range is 24V - 39V. We recommend the Connexelectronic 38V (turned down a bit to around 35-36V) to power it
Speaker hookup:
Ground on the two channels can not be connected together. It is ok to only connect 1 speaker and leave the other channel unconnected if desired.
- 2*100W@8ohm
- 2*50W@4ohm
- Power input: DC 24V-39V (only DC!)
- TC2000 controller and one sta510a power stage chip.
- On/off relay, preventing "pop" sound in speakers during on/off
- Input impedance: 50K
- Input sensitivity for full power: 1.5V rms
- Dimensions: 128x81x38mm
- PCB thickness 2mm
- Comes fully assembled, as pictured.
- All caps and parts are well known brands
- Big fanless heatsink.
Part brands might change slightly between batches because of availbility.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I compared the T1 to an elderly Yamaha A1 and a few other t-amps. The A1 was particularly interesting since it is a massive device from the 1980's (or slightly earlier), which was very expensive at the time. It sounds perfectly good in isolation, but the T1 somehow just sounds rather dramatically better. This is a bit annoying, because it means I keep having to run my outfit through a patchwork circuit board and power supply, which is a lot less impressive to look at than the A1. However I'm probably stuck with it since the other t-amps aren't quite as good as the T1 either - and they also come in boxes. So, rating: stellar.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
wired into a smsl 32 volt smps feeding ipl s3 transmission line speakers with a sensitivity of about 88 words cannot say just how good this amp is but i will try timing is amazing like naim without the bite mid range is fantastically lucid and to die for bass is large and very tight with a very large open sound stage i was a bit concerned that power would be a problem but have not been able to turn volume past 12 o'clock in a 5 by 7 meter room even at first switch when on i could hear no harshness or fatigue and it has only got better with more play i used to dream of owning amps that sounded like this but could never afford the price tag you could box this amp and sell it for 10x the price and it would still be a bargain this is truly the golden age of hifi
4 ( 4 / 5 )
No problems setting this up with 38v smps and everything worked at the first go. Feeding the amp with the Sabre DAC 2 which is powered by the aux out on smps. Output to a pair of restored 25th Aniversary Advents (recapped - refoamed) Sonically satisfying as is but putting a good tube buffer in the chain really brings it to life. You can't beat the return of investment for what you get out of it. Going all valve SE high end with super efficient speakers would surely be better but would cost a small fortune. I'm getting old though and my ears don't work as good as they used to and this setup works just fine for me. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the wattage rating really doesn't live up to output... which I expected. My old Marantz 30W put out about the same volume. Otherwise a fantastic kit that won't break the bank.

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