New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC

Posted by HiFimeDIY 29/01/2014 3 Comment(s) DAC's,

We have made a new version version of the optical/coaxial input ES9023 DAC, this time in a case and with an added headphone amplifier. It has a trafo inside, so it runs on mains voltage directly. 
The left knob switches between standby, optical and the two coaxial inputs, the right is a volume knob that controls the headphone output (not the direct line output). 

Will be available after Chinese New Year, around mid february.


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3 Comment(s)

11/02/2014, 10:10:27 PM

Adding an USB receiver input would make this DAC a complete solution. Did you think about it?

12/02/2014, 03:59:53 PM

or maybe has it a (selectable) I2S input on the board to connect to a raspberry PI source too?

Johames L:
07/08/2014, 11:50:29 AM

Dear HiFimeDIY people, I have a question about your Sabre SPDIF DAC. The description says: "It features two outputs, one of them going through a potmeter for controlling volume, while the other is straight out without the pot. " Is the Output with the Volume control the one on the back (RCA) or the headphone-jack on the front panel? Adiitional question: Is there a picture of the inside of the device, to check the general built quality? Thanks! Best regards, Johannes L. from Germany

Johannes L:
07/08/2014, 01:06:06 PM

Sorry for my question. When I was reading the top of this page, I fond the answer already - problem solved :-)

HiFimeDIY Web:
08/08/2014, 02:26:41 AM

Ok, good you found it :) yes it's the one on the front which is volume pot controlled.

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