New USB DAC and USB to SPDIF in/out

Posted by HiFimeDIY 23/07/2014 1 Comment(s) DAC's,

We have a new product ready for you :) This is a small DAC Sabre ES9023 DAC powered by USB bus and with many useful additional features:

  • Two USB to analog outputs. One direct from es9023 chip and one buffered by TPA6120
  • USB to SPDIF digital output
  • SPDIF digital input to USB
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Digital volume control
  • Small size, 110grams. Dimensions: 70mm, height 25mm, depth 65mm (85mm with volume knob and screws)

This device can be useful for capturing digital optical signal for recording on a computer. It can be used as an adaptor to send SPDIF signal from a computer, and it can be used as a normal digital to analog converter driving headphones or amplifiers. 

Available now!

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Roger Cann:
05/01/2017, 04:32:03 PM

Can you tell me the item no / details of the above USB dac. I'm especially interested in the spdif -USB function . Thank you .

HiFimeDIY Web:
06/01/2017, 04:41:26 AM

HI, this is an old post,referring to the UX1 DAC. Now, we also have UDA18 available:

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