HiFimeDIY = HiFime

New website for non DIY.

As we are making more and more ready made, non-DIY products, we see how the “DIY” in our name can be confusing, some customers are asking if they need to solder and make the products themselves. So we thought it makes sense at this point to remove the “DIY” and simply call the ready made products HiFime. We will of course also continue to make and support DIY boards and projects under the HiFimeDIY name. 

This is an effort to streamline the website and experience for non tech-savvy customers. The name HiFime is also a lot faster and easier to pronounce than HiFimeDIY. So if you like our products, it should now be even easier to tell your friends about HiFime 🙂

We have also added a new website address hifi.me that we think should help to make our brand name clear. This website shares the same backend as hifimediy.com. All products have the same links and accounts, so you can log into your account at either HiFi.me or hifimediy.com, it doesn’t matter where from which site you buy it.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your feedback about the new website design, name or other input (contact us directly for any support requests).

Best regards

HiFime and HiFimeDIY 

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