Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier

Hifimediy DDX320v2.3 - 2.1 Digital Amplifier
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This is a 2.1 (stereo + mono bass channel) amplifier that takes a digital signal, coax or optical. The crossover frequency between stereo channels and bass can be set from 80 to 360hz or bypassed (requires remote which is not included). The amplifier can also be used as a stereo amplifier without crossover and without using the bass channel. The crossover is a preset filter in sta320, and it's 2nd order low pass and 1st order high pass. The crossover is default set at 80hz, also when the amp is in 2.0 mode.

New version (september 2014) comes without remote but with remote learning feature. You can use any 38kHz (RC5 code) remote that you have to control this amp. Details on how to set the remote in the manual.
The remote is required to: set crossover frequency, EQ, dim display. Without remote you can: adjust volume, switch input channel, set to standby.

Download manual:

New version (remote learning)

Previous version


Temporary settings (volume level, channels) is saved on power down. However this only works when power is cut instantly. if the ddx is powered by a SMPS, then the voltage will fade away, and the settings will not be saved.
When learning remote keys, the power should be cut instantly the first time after learning the remote keys. After the settings is saved, it will remember them also if power fades away.


  • The receiver chip is WM8805 and the oscillator used is TCXO.
  • Chips used are STA510A for stereo channel, and sta508 for bass channel.
  • 2x100W@6ohm (or 2x75W@8ohm or 2x65W@4ohm) + 160W@4ohm
  • There is a +10dB function (DIP switch 4)
  • Voltage range: single 15 to 36VDC or dual rail 12 to 26VAC.
  • Max 30VDC (20VAC) if you use 4ohm speakers for stereo. Overload might occour if using 4ohm speakers on stereo channel @36VDC.
  • Sample rates accepted: 32 to 192 kHz
  • Resolution: up to 24 bit
  • Bass channel can be disabled with a DIP switch. Note - crossover is still at 80hz if you don't disable it with a remote.
  • Additional 4 inputs available on board (2 x SPDIF and 2 x CMOS)
  • PCB Size: 115*115mm*40mm
3 ( 3 / 5 )
the amp is great but it is unfavorable that the amp forgets settings without energy, e bigger dip switch with more settings is the better opportunitie in my opinion
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is a great little amp. Sounds fantastic. Big improvement over version 2.1, with more authority in mid-low range especially. Just one weird thing - you can switch from 2.1 to 2.0 mode on hardware but it requires a remote (not included) to put the internal crossover into passthrough mode. Minor issue if you have a remote, but something to be aware of.
2 ( 2 / 5 )
the amp is ok but i don't need remote jumpers are the better way

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