Hifimediy T1-M TK2050 9 - 24V

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We made this lower powered Tk2050 to be in the same category as the TA2020 and TA2022 because we think that the Tk2050 is better sounding. Sometimes it might be suitable to run a tripath amp on lower DC voltage, a single 12V battery or other DC supply (in cars etc). The price also goes down when making it for lower voltages. It is made of tk2050 chipset with the famours tc2000 controller and sta508 output stage chip.

note: 24V is max, it is not recommended to run on 24V, except if you are sure the voltage is constant and will not go above 24V. SMPS normally be constant at 24, while a linear supply might have higher spikes.
The volume switch also acts as a on/off switch.
There is an indication light on the board close to the volume switch, it lights up when power is connected and the amp is off. The light goes off when the amp is on.
TC2000 controller + 1 x sta505 or tp2050 output stage chip.
Input sensitivity 1.5V
Input impedance 50K
Comes assembled as pictured.
Dimensions: 8cm x 7cm x 4cm
Ouput power (stereo) RMS @4 ohm with supply voltages: 24V - 57W, 21V - 37W, 18V - 31W, 15V - 22W, 12V - 14.5W, 9V - 8W
Ouput power (stereo) RMS @6 ohm with supply voltages: 24V - 42W, 21V - 33W, 18V - 23W, 15V - 16W, 12V - 10W, 9V - 5.9W
We don't have any measurments for 8 ohm, but you might get an idea from looking at the 4 and 6 ohm ratings.

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