HiFimeDIY Sabre SPDIF DAC with headphone amplifier and 110V power supply

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  • New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC Jan 29, 2014 We have made a new version version of the optical/coaxial input ES9023 DAC, this time in a case and with an added headphone amplifier. It has a trafo inside,..

The SPDIF DAC is build with with the same Sabre ES9023 chip as our USB DAC, featuring the same SABRE DAC technology. This DAC chip does not have any DC voltage at it's output, eliminating the need of a DC coupling capacitor at the output. 

There are two OUTPUTS on this dac:

  • A line out direct from the ES9023 dac chip through the RCA connectors on the backside.
  • A headphone output with a dedicated headphone amplifer (TPA6138) throught the 3.5mm plug on the front.

The analog volume control on the front controls the volume on the headphone output only, the line out on RCA is not affected by this volume pot.

It uses the CS8416 digital receiver and accepts up to 192k/24bit on all inputs. 

There is a power supply build in, using a trafo. 
  • 2 OUTPUTS: Line level and headphone output
  • Headphone output can drive loads from 16ohm and outputs 2Vrms.
  • Line output can drive loads from 30ohm
  • Accepts up to 192Khz/24bit (all sample rates including 88.2Khz and 176.4kHz)
  • A switch for selecting inputs.
  • Input voltage: 110V (100V to 120V accepted)
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 9 cm x 4cm (including knobs)
  • Weight 370g

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