Hifimediy T4 Jantzen

Hifimediy T4 Jantzen
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This amp is similar to T1, but uses the high power sta516 output stage chip to generate 2 x 180W @ 8 ohm. The T4 has two channels and is suitable for 8 ohm loads. It can drive 4 ohm, but with around 90W power output. For 4 ohm loads we recommend the T2/T3S amp instead.
The T4 uses audiophile Jantzen input capacitors.

It can take both AC and DC voltage inputs. 
*180W+180W output @8ohm.
*Speaker protection: DC/error and power on delay, power down immediately off (when transformer powered.
*Power down interface to switch or controller: It can be remotely switched off from compatible preamp or controller
*Gain: 25x
*Input sensitivity for full power 1.5V
*High-level design and good parts used.
*PCB size: 190*102mm. New version 2016: 100*160mm
*Inputs: 2.54mm connectors for signal, 7.62mm connector for power supply
*Outputs: 7.62mm connectors
*Power supply: Dual AC; AC34V-0-34V (30 - 34 is ok) or single DC 36 - 48V. Will draw around 8.5A @ 48VDC. If using 4 ohm speakers recommened PSU is AC28V-0-28V or single DC 39V.
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Looks nice, though the just uses lm3886t is there output stage and these units sold here are worth the price, slim build, nice components(if real), but a negative point is the whole buying and waiting stuf.... and qualitywise you buy a hypex unit, which haven proven itself and since i live in the neterlands, no waiting time.
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I build a fully finished professionally amp based on this module and was extreemly impressed on performance and sound quality. I have built five class d amps and this one may be the best. The amp drove $60K Verity speakers to abolsute perfection. In fact it drove them so well the importers have asked me to make an amp for their store. They were stunned by the performance.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I rarely write review; this time I felt obliged to. I wanted to buy Arcam FMJ A19 (What Hifi best amp, 2014 up to £800). Seller brought it over for comparing. I must say I am struggled to find a difference although I was hoping to have a proper Amp. finally! I politely declined to purchase, I am keeping mine definitely. I changed my caps to Jentsen superior Z caps and listening with Dali Zensor. All I could say impressive especially for the price.

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