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Hifimediy T4 Jantzen
Looks nice, though the just uses lm3886t is there output stage and these units sold here are worth the price, slim build, nice components(if real), but a negative point is the whole buying and waiting stuf.... and qualitywise you buy a hypex unit, which haven proven itself and since i live in the neterlands, no waiting time.
02/06/2016r de vreexe
Hifime SPDIF Optical 9018 DAC
Simply amazing product, wide separation, deep, and detailed. While playing symphony and opera, space presented deep and nice. All my digital music burned in FLAC format and played even better with this tiny optical dac. Love it and highly recommended.
Hifime SPDIF Optical 9018 DAC
The DAC is flawlessly neutral, clear, crisp and clean, just as it should. My full review can be found here:
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
I got this for my Galaxy S7, and it did work for sure. I honestly did not notice much of a difference in sound other than a slight mid boost and a cutoff of the highs. It didn't make enough of a difference for me to keep it, so I'm sadly returning it. Wanted to love it, but it just didn't make the cut.
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
Works great on my Fire 7" tablet. Sounds awesome, much better than my previous setup with an iPod and the Pure i20 dock. I also have the Hifime Sabre Android DAC and the obvious question is whether it sounds better than than that DAC. I'm running my tablet through the DAC into a pair of speakers. It's a little louder than the Sabre Android DAC which is a good thing. My first impressions are positive, but I'll need some more listening time to be more decisive. Very nice DAC though!
12/05/2016Art Simon
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
Con el dac9018,he consegudio explotar el maximo potencial en calidad de sonido a los archivos que utilizo,ogg vorvis y wav,en tienda de descarga,atraves de mi sony xperia z ultra,con un dac ecualizador behringer deq2496 y altavoces activos near05,la mejoria en comparacion a la conexion mhl o hdmi,es muy notoria,sobre todo la separacion de instrumentos es muy detallado.por este precio su calidad es excepcional.
26/04/2016Jose antonio
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
Upgraded from a Fiio K1 its bass is much tighter and less bloated. I can now listen to more musical songs without having to up the volume so i can hear the singer...
25/04/2016Eyal S.
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
Worked great on my Fire 7" tablet. Sounds better than the Pure i20 dock I had been using with my iPod touch. I'm very impressed. It didn't work with my LG Ultimate 2, so it may be hit and miss with different Android devices. I was more than impressed with the sound quality, much better than you would expect for the price and it's easy to discern the difference by unplugging it and using the earphone jack. The volume control on my Fire tablet doesn't work with the DAC, so you will need an external amplifier with a volume control. Other than that, I can't think of a downside.
23/04/2016Art Simon
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
The sound quality is great. The amp is only good with IEMs. The sound quality is not so good with philips X2 directly plugged. However, the sound quality is excellent when I pair the 9018 DAC with a Fiio E12 amp. The sound stage is not very big, but it feels like listening live concert in a room. The resolution is high and you can hear every detail with accurate position. The DAC is definitely worth the price. A good amp is a must if you use a headphone instead of an IEM.
HiFimeDIY UX1 Sabre USB DAC+SPDIF/USB converter
Issue with OS El Capitan: upgrading to 10.11.4 Beta fixes this. Device works perfect again!
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
I bought this a couple of days ago from Amazon (UK) and can only repeat the other comments - good and bad. The sound quality and amp are of a very high standard and astonishing for the price but the USB cable/connection is really poor and feels flimsy - the build quality is much worse than the Android mini DAC I also own.
HiFime 9018 Asynchronous High resolution USB DAC
It works from my laptop with USB Isolator. I thought it didn't work because of power comsuming but it does work. I know I can't go up 96/24 but that's ok, I use Tidal with it. And the USB Isolator really does work! Very happy.
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
How to resume my impresssion!!! forget the 9023. Using this one, i discovered a new time all my music and i find it even better that the asynchronous 9018. The sound stage is so detailled. I'm french and with the help of this one, i can now catch so easily nearly every english word unless it was so hard before with the Dragonfly or the 9023. I use it on my raspberry pi with an iphone 1A power(the 5V source with lowest noise i found) using mopidy and the experience is so good now that i can't imagine something sounding better.
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
I have this great little DAC for a week now and the sound is simply great. I use it with a vintage amp and my self designed and build speakers, a tree-way (Visaton RHT12S, Dynaudio D54, Vifa 21wp250) large floor standing speaker. I have no experience with high level DAC's because i used my Sony H855TV dac. The improvement is huge and the sound, witch already was good, is of a other level. The sound became more alive, dynamic with a deep soundstage and lots of tonal detail, separation and musicality. Good recordings sound great, less good recordings more flat then before. My wife thought i was using other equipment ;-) and i showed this little simple black box and she was stunned about the difference. Great job, Hifimediy guy's, thanks for the great product!
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC
Works seamlesslly with my moto G 4g :) very good sound compared to my phone, more clean and detailing.
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