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Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I've just received this isolator, and connected to "filter" the usb output: PC-usb XP - Jriver MC22 >> this isolator >> Musiland usb-spdif >> Sabre DAC (TP Bufallo II out transformers) I'm running 16/192kbs Jriver upsampling from 16/44kbs I can say the sound is greatly improved ! ! ! Thanks to Hifimedy
HiFime UDP80 USB and SPDIF True Digital Power Amplifier
hi, had amp for two weeks now,this is a very interesting dinky little amp, challenges what you think you really need in a high quality system, on batteries it really sings,takes a while to burn in. Nobel peace prize in the post for being wife friendly.overall sounds a bit like my otl croft,big full and punchy but fluid, well done guys
02/11/2016brian je
HiFime UDP80 USB and SPDIF True Digital Power Amplifier
Just received UDP80. Plug in my room hifi system. Using Mac Sierra OS and playing in foobar2000, mostly Flac musical file. Actually I try using optical input, HTC android phone and using window OS too and finding no problem connecting all these. Since I have Sonus Faber Concertino speaker using usual banana plug, It takes me some time making usual speaker plug from the small AWG14-26 connectors. As I don't buy the AC/DC adaptor yet, just using the notebook adaptor rating 19V 2.64A. I am surprised to find that the sound of this amp is very good. The sound is crystal clear and dynamic. It has no problem making my Sonus Faber speakers sing. I think it will even better if I feed more power to it. The size of the amp surprising small. 7cmX11cmX3cm. Such small size amp makes such big powerful sound is so amazing. It saves me a lot of desk space. I highly recommend this small amp to some one like being a minimalist and using computer to listen music most of the time.
16/10/2016Raymond Au
Hifime Android DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
As far as sound is concerned, it is as good as you are going to get for sub $100. It can easily compete with the big boys. One particular reason for me to get to buy it is the low power for sensitive iems. It is really difficult to find a good dac-amp with low power figures for iems. Many other companies do not mention it in the first place. As far as build quality is concerned, the biggest drawback is the permanently connected wire. If you use metro or bus for travel, you would have to be careful with it. Hifime could have charged 10 or even 20 dollars more but it would have ensured that the first thing to go wouldn't be the silliest of all the components.
09/10/2016Sagar Parikh
HiFimeDIY USB DAC 2 (external PSU) Asynchronous
Never had used external DAC before. I had decided to buy this DAC to listen music in my car with Harman/Kardon CA-280 and Android Tablet PC. Quality is very good, no noise or clicks from generator. High frequency is very sharp, but not enought low freq as for me. I use isolated dc-dc converter for power supply and ultra-short rca cable to connect amplifier. I can confirm that Android 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Windows 7, 10, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is compatible without special driver. I would like to wish guys from HiFiMeDIY to grow in audio and create new the best devices.
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
Using my old ATH-M50's and switching from my sabre dac to the UH1 was amazing. Immediately off the bat, the sound is much more fuller bassy and brighter (some may not like) and the instrument separation is clearly improved, have actually picked up a background voice or clank in the recording that the sabre did not. Re listening to S.O.S band sands of time remaster really took head bobbing to a new level with me. If i could put it in a sentence, the sound is exciting and mildly scary. Its so close to feeling like it can shock you with loud pop, but its kept very well in check and lively. For the money, its a great deal.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
Great sound with USB Audio Player Pro, with others music apps + Android 7, not so much. Before I updated my Nexus 6P to Android 7, this DAC was sweet, then I updated my phone to Android 7 and now only USB Audio Player Pro plays music without stuttering/skipping every few minutes. Video applications (Netflix et al) all sound great, but I think that has something to do with the fact that they put out sound as PCM. USB Music Player Pro sets up a user defined space that bypasses Android and that sounds great. In fact once I startled myself a bit when I started playing some music because I didn't realize how loud it was going to be. If you are running Android 6 or if you are running Android 7 and don't mind shelling out 10$ for USB Audio Player Pro this is the DAC for you. If you are running Android 5, Android 7 and don't want to pay that much for a music app, maybe wait a bit to see if google fixes this, or if all the audio players start using "user defined spaces"
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
This was the one I was waiting for; I have a Steinberg UR44 that produces a bad hum when connected to a laptop and an amp with a 3-pin mains connector. Solved! Nick was kind enough to send me a beta model, thanks, great job. Recommended for any high-speed application.
24/09/2016Frank Speet
Hifime SPDIF Optical DAC (ES9018K2M)
<Note: this is an updated review. I thought my unit had a flaky channel, but it turned out to be the cable.>" My previous DAC was the $35 FiiO D3. This is a noticeable improvement. Vocals are more realistic, I can hear more of the room the recording was done in and everything is a little bit clearer. Well worth the money. Excellent customer service. Definitely recommend.
HiFime UH1 384kHz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface
Not many manufacturers can do digital well. I have digital equipment from Marantz, Wadia and Antelope Audio. I was looking for a DAC for my 3rd system which is a quality micro system incorporating a Velodyne subwoofer. I decided to just order the UH1 as it looked like the best high quality DAC available in a budget price range. I fed the UH1 with Flac files from a windows 10 laptop running Groove Audio. The sound is superb and it is one of the best value pieces of audiophile equipment that I have bought. I now listen to the micro system more than my 2nd system which uses a £2600 DAC complete with custom power supply. I have now bought a 2nd UH1 as a spare.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
Works with my Umi Super. Little shatters appears when i turn screen off (every 4-6 seconds). Really deep sound, i like this a lot.
Hifime SPDIF Optical DAC (ES9018K2M)
Using one of these on the optical output of a squeezebox 3. It produces a substantial uplift in music quality . Finding far more detail can be heard with the placement of instruments more acurate within the sound stage. The sound now leaves the speaker boundaries with a nice wide soundstage. The uplift in sound quality defies the modest price for the device. System using seperate mid to high end hifi system with turntable and CD player to compare with.
HiFime TYPE C USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
This was bought via Amazon and was an upgrade from the Sabre U2 DAC which in itself was excellent. The 9018 raises the bar for a low cost high quality DAC. The improvement in quality straight out of the box was striking. Run in time has not really made that much difference. This sounds excellent immediately. Deep Bass, sparking Mids and clear Highs are very obvious. One thing I've noticed is a big improvement in PLII surround sound. As I watch a number of programmes and some films I've noticed an increase in surround effects and room acoustics. I find myself listening to old music afresh, hearing things I've not noticed before. This is the best low cost DAC on the market.
02/08/2016Alan Fortune
HiFime UAE23HD USB DAC (ES9018K2M+SA9023)
It works great with my PC (with a $50 motherboard) and android smartphone (OnePlus One). Plug and play. It added a bit of warm to the sound while expanding the soundstage. The clarity is also improve. It is however sounded a bit congested if you have a warmer headphone. The power output is okay, I'm only using like 30-40% of volume most of the time with my 64ohm earbuds and <50ohm IEMs. I usually at 80-90% on my smartphone before so it does have more than enough power to drive sensitive headphones out there. The build quality of the enclosure is okay but the integrated USB cable is somewhat worrying if you use this on the go a lot.
Hifime SPDIF Optical DAC (ES9018K2M)
Cheap and cheerful SPDIF DAC that improves on the default sound quality of my Sony TV. In comparison, it lowers the noise floor and cleans up the sound. No clipping that I heard in my model (as per the review by Scott O). Great value.
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