Hifimediy T3S Jantzen cap

Hifimediy T3S Jantzen cap
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The T3S is the new stereo version of T3. It has two sta517b output stage chips and are good at driving 4 ohm loads. 8 ohms loads can also be handled, but the T4 amp will produce higher output for 8 ohm loads.

It is similar to the T2 amp except higher powered and that it doesn't have a volume pot.
*300W+300W output @4ohm, 150W+150w @8ohm
*Power requirement: dual ac 34 - 0 - 34 or single DC 48 - 0 (AC between 30 to 36V is ok, and DC between 36 and 48V)
*Input impedance 20K
*Input sensitivity for full power 1.5V
*Gain: 25x
*Inputs: 2.54mm connectors for signal, 7.62mm connector for power supply
*Outputs: 7.62mm connectors
*Speaker protection: DC/error and power on delay, power down immediately off  (when transformer powered)
*Power down interface to switch or controller: It can be remotely switched off from compatible preamp or controller. Shorting the 2 pads of the power down interface will power down the amp.
*Dimensions: 125x180x40mm
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Have been running the T3 for a week now powered by a 800va transformer and I couldn't be happier with the setup. There's so many things to like about this amp - it's price point, build quality is excellent, easy installation and definitely delivers on it's rated power. I highly recommend and will be using these board for builds to come.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Hi first of all I bought the monitor audio rx 2 tk 2050 family T1 matched very well with the soft jazz and live audio.Also and then I got a horrible beyond T3S strong plays incredible detail, rx2 s adcom 5802 and vincent sv used I would recommend the cheap price of 234 as one of T3 is a very quality sound, thank you and good luck with the new different devices to Mr. Hifimediy...
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I received the Hifimediy T3S mcap amp board & put it in an old broken Audiolab 8000p amp box. As a psu i used the SMPS500R 48V provided by Hifimediy. Very easy to assemble as it is straight forward where to connect everything. You must be a fool to do it wrong. You will be shocked by the performance of this amp. Very good job, it is silent & very powerful with very good built quality. Mass amount of bass & overall great sound quality. Drives 4ohm load speakers with ease. It is worth every euro paid. Another thing, great customer support.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Using one of these in a home cinema setup with 2 M&K 4ohm speakers, front left and right. Stunning sound and handles THX reference level with ease. I'm shocked how good this amp is! Will be back to purchase a few more when they get back into stock!!

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