Solving noise and ground loop issues with USB isolation

UPDATE: Have a look at our new USB Isolation comparison article where we explain which isolator you need. Ground loops can be a problem when using USB audio devices. It generally happens when they are more than one ground path between two devices. This can result in hum, whining noises or artefacts. The ground shared [read more]

New USB DAC and USB to SPDIF in/out

We have a new product ready for you 🙂 This is a small DAC Sabre ES9023 DAC powered by USB bus and with many useful additional features: Two USB to analog outputs. One direct from es9023 chip and one buffered by TPA6120 USB to SPDIF digital output SPDIF digital input to USB Requires no external power [read more]

Introducing the UD80: 2 x 80W digital USB Amplifier

edit: check out the new UDP80: We are excited to introduce the UD80 digital amplifier, the UD20’s bigger brother! UD80 is powerful with up to 2x80W @ 8 ohm, and while UD20’s bass is on the lighter side the UD80 has a deep powerful bass. It still has that ultra clear audiophile sound quality. We are [read more]

New SPDIF (optical/coaxial) Sabre DAC

We have made a new version version of the optical/coaxial input ES9023 DAC, this time in a case and with an added headphone amplifier. It has a trafo inside, so it runs on mains voltage directly.  The left knob switches between standby, optical and the two coaxial inputs, the right is a volume knob that [read more]

New version of SABRE DAC 2 / UAE23+

We’ll help you celebrating christmas with the new version of our externally powered Sabre dac. We have included a headphone amp in this new version, and made it fit the same box as the UD20 amplifier uses. The volume knob controls the headphone out only, so the direct line out on the back is not [read more]

Asynchronous USB Audio / Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converters

USB transfer modes has received a lot of interest and attention recently and “Asynchronous DAC’s” has been praised and hyped for it’s superior performance. However there seems to be a lot of confusion around asynchronous USB Audio.  There is a good and explaining article at EDN network about USB Audio.  Here’s a short explanation: There are 4 [read more]

ASIO driver for Savitech (SA9023) devices available

Savitech has released Windows ASIO drivers for the SA9023 USB receiver.  It can be downloaded here. ASIO drivers provides lower latency by bypassing the normal audio path in windows. However it is not required to use ASIO, the Savitech SA9023 devices also works with the native USB audio drivers. Asio drivers is is only recommended [read more]